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Artisan Guild

Complete Sunken Kingdoms I

Complete Sunken Kingdoms I

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Complete Sunken Kingdoms I

The Complete Sunken Kingdoms I bundle contains every model of this set, from the modular units to the heroes, the mount, the Pinup and the terrain piece!

The Tritons are the proud folk of the seas, which ancestors are common to those of the Alfar. Being one of the people elected by Holmuran, God of Water, their role is to protect one of the legendary Scales of Holmuran in the Sunken Kingdom, in the centre of the Tridlian Sea.

This artefact gives them the power to control the Tides in their region.

Divided into houses, they are led by the Council of the First, composed of the most ancient Tritons. They are formidable adversaries both underwater and on land, thanks to their innate dexterity and their mastery in the use of the mysterious tridents and blades built-in Aquitrium alloy.

Seeing the corruption that spreads in every living thing, the Tritons isolated themselves from the rest of the world, unconditionally attacking anyone who dared to enter their territory and vowing to rid the sea of Holmuran's enemies. Their sworn enemies are the Jurakin, who had been corrupted and deceived by one of the fearsome Tide Tyrants who follow the schemes of the Tyrant God Tialevor himself.

All Triton Raiders comes with and without hairs, and ball-jointed wrists for infinite combinations.

This set includes:

Triton Raiders

  • 6 Highly Detailed Modular Triton Raiders
  • 6 Custom Bases

Swordeels Raiders (and standalone Swordeels)

Like any self-respecting people of the seas, the Tritons also has their mounts. Of all marine animals, the Tritons chose Swordeels because of their physical characteristics. The great speed and agility of the eels allow them to move extremely quickly and hit enemies with great precision, giving the merfolk maximum benefit in terms of speed, mobility and attack power.

The beasts will be available also without a saddle.

  • 3 Highly Detailed Swordeel Riders
  • Modular weapons
  • 3 Highly Detailed Swordeels
  • 3 Custom Base

Alyssa, Priestess of Holmuran (modular hero)

Since the beginning of her life in a secondary Triton House, Alyssa demonstrates an uncommon skill in arcane manipulation. She was feared by her family so much that she was named "The Sea Witch". Thanks to the many victories against enemies of Holmuran and the pirates who overrun the surface of the Tridlian sea, she has been elected as Priestess and her House has been allowed to enter the Council of First, now named as House Arcana. Alyssa role is now to protect the Holy Scale of Holmuran and to use it to control the tides.

  • 1 Highly Detailed Priestess Hero
  • Modular weapons
  • 1 Tentacle Base

Siryus Jurabane (modular hero)

According to the beliefs, Tritons born during the storms are rejected by Holmuran.

The day of Sirius birth is remembered as the day of Holmuran's Rage.

Even being the son of one of the most influential councillors he was marginalized, and when age permitted, he was sent to die on the front line against the Jurakin.

But the death was not the fate of the most powerful of the Tritons: Sirius survived all battles and become a nightmare for the Jurakin, converting himself as one of the most important Heroes of this people. Thanks to Sirius today beliefs have changed: when a Triton is born, if the sea is stormy, it is Holmuran's cries of joy for the birth of a new champion!

  • 1 Highly Detailed Triton Hero
  • Modular weapons
  • 1 Custom Base

Dragonturtle Leviathan

Lord of the dark depths of the sea, while on the hunt he saw a group of Tritons who unfortunately had ventured into his territory.

In the midst of the feast, however, he heard a voice... someone was speaking to his soul.

The dragon heard his lord's voice from Nynphea, the blessed nymph.

Instead of satisfying his appetite, he decided to listen to that lament and discovered what was happening in the Submerged Lands: a deity who was not Holmuran wanted to rule the seas. The wise dragon decided to spare the Nymph, charmed by her spirit and chant. Until the seas returned to the dominion of the god Holmuran, the dragon would fight alongside Nymphea and the Tritons of the Sunken Kingdom.

  • 1 Highly Detailed Giant Turtledragon including Middle Piece, Head, Arms, Legs, Full Shell, Shell to fit tritons, Shell Back, Stomach Carapace, Tail, Rock Pedestal
  • 1 Custom Base

Nynphea (Triton Pinup)

Under mysterious circumstances, few female Tritons are born as Nymphs, with the special feat to use the voice to communicate long distances through ultrasounds. This power is also used to confuse and charm the fool sailors and fishermen who dare to listen to their melodies.

Soon it was clear to everyone that Nynphea, Blessed by Holmuran, was unique among her sisters, as she possessed the innate ability to speak with all the creatures and animals of the Sunken Kingdom. It was thanks to this special skill that Nynphea convinced the ancient Dragonturtle Leviathanto to fight alongside the Triton when the enemies of Holmuran are so powerful to threaten the Holy Scale.

  • 1 Highly Detailed Triton Beauty
  • 1 Custom Base

Triton Soulcannon (Piece Terrain)

House Arcana not only normalized magic in the Triton society, it also provided powerful inventions based on animacy, such as the mysterious Soulcannons. These huge weapons are used in defence of the Holy Scale temple, or as siege weapons mounted on top of the Dragonturtle.

  • 2 Highly Detailed Triton Soulcannons (angle 1 & 2)
  • 1 Custom Base


32mm Scale Miniature from Artisan Guild

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The model has had its supports removed and while great care has been taken to remove all supports, prints can sometimes have small marks or hold like all miniatures that may require a bit of sanding and cleaning. If you would like this model in a different size/scale or have any questions please contact us by emailing at

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