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Hawkers of Thamarya Full Set with Adventure

Hawkers of Thamarya Full Set with Adventure

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32 mm scale Resin Miniature

Includes 15 32mm scale Miniatures with an 18 page 5e compatible one shot adventure "Twilight at Thamarya".

Twilight at Thamarya is a 5e compatible adventure meant for four to six 1st level player characters. The adventure is set in Thamarya, a rich kingdom city in the east of the continent of Eluan. A free city port where many peoples coexist, for the wealth of Thamarya attracts many and their merchant navy is the best.

Few things cannot be found in Thamarya, however, things have changed in the last couple of years; the royal family is weak, the King believed to be mad or ill, while crime and other houses increase their power.

Does NOT come with bases.  See base collection.

Sculpts and adventure by Cast N Play

If you would like this model in a different size/scale or have any questions please contact us by emailing at

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