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Insane Inventions Full Set with Adventure

Insane Inventions Full Set with Adventure

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Insane Inventions - Bundle with Physical 5e compatible Adventure booklet

32 mm scale Resin Miniatures with a 10 page 5e one shot adventure.

Core option includes: #547, 548, 549, 553, 554

Core Plus also includes: 550, 551, and 552

Full Set Also Includes 555 and 556 Terrain options

Includes 1 of each model.  Terrain option available.

Genius of Madness, a 5e compatible RPG adventure by Cast N Play.  Although it is a one-shot it belongs to a saga.  This adventure is meant for 4-6 12th level player characters.  The adventure takes place in Herberwer's secret den, the place where he carries out his experiments.


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