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Kingdom of Coralan - Part 1

Kingdom of Coralan - Part 1

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Kingdom of Coralan - Part 1 

Kingdom of Coralan: The Kingdom of Coralan are the proud and ancient stewards of the Carcarodonic Reef and its rare and beautiful Jewel Coral, valuable below the waves and priceless on the land. After decades of raids and skirmishes, the kingdom has had enough. Now, an army of sea people battles against the combined might of the pirate lords, with the fate of the Reef, and all the life within it, hanging in the balance.

Kingdom of Coralan Release Content:

  • Two Argan Wavesplitters (Hero Units, 35 MM) - 25mm base
  • One King Tritoden Many-Arms (Hero Unit, 35 MM) - 25mm base
  • Two Bracyurons (Monsters, 52 MM) - 50mm base
  • One Oceanfist the Water Elemental (Monster, 52 MM) - 25mm base
  • One Urana Reefhome with Modular Options (Female Hero, 35 MM) - 25mm base
  • Two Arcoporan Walkers (Monster, 82 MM) - 50mm/75mm base
  • One Mizuna the Grasper with Modular Options (Hero, 35 MM) - 25mm base
  • Selena Shadowscale, Mermaid Assassin (Hero, 35 MM) - 25mm base
  • One set of themed Terrain: The Living Throne LARGE Will take an additional week to process order (additional add on)
  • Sculpted Bases for Each Miniature

32mm Scale Miniatures from 3dartdigital

This listing is for an unpainted highly detailed miniature. Ready to prime and paint. All models are physical objects that are printed to order and shipped to you. Although we do include actual pictures in the listings of some of the models, some of the pictures included in the listing are renders and although similar are not final products. To see examples of actual models please look at our gallery included on the website or our Instagram/Facebook pages. You can also request a picture before shipping your model at

The product will be shipped as a 3D printed model in whole or in pieces. Some pieces may come hollowed with small holes. This may be for structural integrity and ease of assembly; however, the holes will not be visible once assembled. If you do not wish for your model to be hollowed please contact us.

The model has had its supports removed and while great care has been taken to remove all supports, prints can sometimes have small marks or hold like all miniatures that may require a bit of sanding and cleaning. If you would like this model in a different size/scale or have any questions please contact us by emailing at

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