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"Tainted Grail: Core Box" Compatible Sleeve Bundle (8803 X 2 + 8810 X 6 + 8816 X 1)

"Tainted Grail: Core Box" Compatible Sleeve Bundle (8803 X 2 + 8810 X 6 + 8816 X 1)

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These are all the sleeves you need to sleeve everything for Tainted Grail.  See images below for more details.

Note per the Kickstarter there are now over 1,500 cards in the base game + stretch goals.  They recommend 3 packs of small card sleeves (60 per pack =180 sleeves) + 20 packs of medium (60 per pack = 1,200 sleeves) + 3 packs of large (60 per pack = 180 sleeves).  Since our packs are 110 per packs that is just 2 packs of small, 11 packs of medium and 2 packs of large!  Don't pay 55 British pounds for sleeves, our retail for just $45.00 for the whole bundle!

Check BGG for the list of all available cards and sizes HERE.

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