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What is your store purpose?

Our mission is to support hobby consumers by providing honest advertising, fair pricing, and industry news and information to stay informed to make decisions best for them.

Why do you not presale Kickstarter Games more than 90 days from delivery?

There have been more and more sites which are selling Kickstarter games.  However, almost all of these sites presale the games immediately after a KS campaign ends.  If you have ever backed a KS you will know that fulfillment for 99% of the games does not happen for 1-3 years on average.  There are many things that can go wrong with this and it is bad for consumers. 

  1. The project may never fulfill.
  2. The vendor may no longer exist. 
  3. The vendor may no longer have the funds to pay for shipping. 

There are more issues with this set up because if not done properly, by having deposit accounts and reserve funds,  it is a Ponzi Scheme.  The vendor is most likely unaware and had no ill intentions, but they are using the first customers funds to buy the next game continuously and when the next customer doesn't show up this can create financial problems for the vendor.  eBay has this exact rule except that they do not enforce it.

Why do you not stock a wider variety of Kickstarter Games?

If buying the games for resale doesn't make sense for both the consumer and our store we will not stock the game.  Some board games are on Kickstarter, but then end up cheaper at retail or provide no value through the KS platform.  We will also not sell a Kickstarter game knowing that it is available either through the developers website or if the pledge manager is still running late pledges.  We will dedicate a page which will list BG developers e-store sites and also links to ongoing Pledge Managers so that the consumers interest is first.  We never want to knowingly take advantage of industry knowledge and would rather pass that onto the consumers. 

Can you print from STL files not included on your website?

Absolutely, just email us at and we will send you a personalized quote based on the print job.

Are you able to resize or scale products offered for 3d Printing?

Yes, we try to include the size and scale of each print, but if you would like anything scaled up or down just email us at and we can accommodate almost any size desired.