Collection: Sorrowsown

Fantastic Miniatures for painting and using in RPG's.  Adventure's for 5E available at

Module Sneak Peak:

"You see the materialized souls of the Baron's past victims
gravitating around the top of the tombstone frantically trying
to escape to the heavens. Above the tombstone you see a
huge slender figure of a man wearing aristocratic clothing and
a demonic looking mask. He has giant wings and a halo made
of black flames above his head. He swings his sword cane
pushing the souls that try to escape back into the tomb."

The players are commissioned by a sage to investigate the whereabouts of the long forgotten mansion of Baron "Magnus" di Pangatrasti and secure his mask so he can study and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. 

-During this investigation, as they gain access to the various rooms and the dungeon of the mansion they will have to face the tortured spirits of Katarina and Dolores, the angry wraiths of the baron's soldiers and a helpful undead wizard. They will also find clues about the tragic past of Bartolomeo and a way to free him from the cursed artifact. 

-At the climactic conclusion they will confront the Baron himself and if they are victorious they will have a very difficult choice to make. Also they could possibly be the new owners of a slightly haunted mansion!

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