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Age of Rome Emperor All-In Bundle

Age of Rome Emperor All-In Bundle

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Kickstarter Exclusive Age of Rome: Emperor All-In Pledge Board Game by Teetotum Games. Includes core game, metal coins, deluxe tray, premium sleeves, and all unlocked stretch goals.

Become the new emperor of Rome in this strategic worker placement game set in 44 BC, Rome. Each turn, you will build structures in different provinces assigned to you through a rotating board. Balance war, politics, trade, and religion while scheming against your rival players.

For better or worse, it is up to you to figure this out.
What would an Emperor be without a base, without a player board? Weak and vulnerable. Strategically use your player board to your advantage.
Place buildings or upgrade them by spending Denarii, on one of the Roman provinces on the map.
Send your Legions to fight Brutus and Cassius and take over their regions.
Cast your Votes wisely to achieve a Majority in the Senate.
Collect valuable items or benefit from their unique powers.
Build the most glorious Pantheon.
Backstab your rivals to overcome them in this chase for Glory.

Combo your Politics Bonus with the Politics Medal to score more Glory points.


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In Age of Rome, each player is assigned a hero with their respective player board, then are given secret quests and starting resources of Denarii, Followers, Scheme tokens, Legions, and Votes. Then they spend nine rounds competing on a rotating board to earn Glory Points.

Each round consists of four phases:

1) Scheme phase: An Event card is revealed and turn order is determined; players activate Schemes in turn order.

2) Building phase: Players build structures in turn order.

3) Action phase: Players take actions by placing Followers in turn order.

4) Income phase: Players receive Income and the Provinces board is adjusted.

Players can earn Glory Points in various ways. They may build structures, place Followers to vote and win a majority, send Legions to conquer regions, trade or collect items, or even build a Pantheon. Completed secret quests also earn Glory Points. After the 9th round, the game ends. The final score is determined and the player with the most Glory Points is declared the new Emperor of Rome.

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