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What is the mark of a true champion? Legendary heroes clash across the Neververse to find out.

Battlecrest is a card-based tactical skirmish game for 2 players (1-4 with expansions), unlike any other. 

With perfect information, players must truly outwit their opponent to win.

Characters are composed of 6-card sets featuring a hero card, a health tracker, and action cards. Occasionally a minion or item will replace an action card.

First there's Akhena:

 And then there's Mutiny:

The map is built of 6 cards as well, with the cards randomly placed in a set pattern.

Players take turns maneuvering their characters around the dynamic, and often dangerous map while unleashing powerful attacks. As action cards are used they open up new possibilities and empower the character’s battlecrests. Build up to decisive strikes or refocus to get powers back. Every character has a unique set of actions and preferred tactics, so no two battles play the same.

Shots ring out in the overgrown forest. A rugged pirate, festooned with weapons of war, stomps into view. He scans the nearby treeline with practiced rigor. In the gnarled canopy above, a celestial goddess calls for an ancestral blessing against this implacable foe. With a divine roar she drops to the ground below, swinging her ornate staff with the strength of a thousand lifetimes at her waiting target…

To win the game, you will need to defeat your opponent’s hero. 

On your turn, you will perform two different actions from the following list:


Move your warriors, one at a time, around landmarks and through shortcuts on a dynamic battlefield map. Good positioning will give you a big tactical advantage over your opponent.


Choose one of your Action Cards, exhaust it, and perform its abilities. Each hero has a unique set of abilities that allow for varied attacks, tactical maneuvers, and big combos. Some Action Cards give you stars which can be used to perform a variety of map-specific abilities and powerful hero, minion, and item special abilities.   


Exhaust one of your Action Cards to power up your battlecrests, but skip any abilities listed on the card. Use this action at the right time to build up bonuses for decisive offensive strikes or defensive posturing.


Flip your exhausted Action Cards to their opposite side and return them to their vertical orientations. This refreshes your hero’s max movement, and gives you a different set of abilities, defensive options, and battlecrests.  

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