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Botany Plus Expansions

Botany Plus Expansions

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Botany Core game

Perilous Perfunes Expansion

Tantalizing Trees Expansion

Take on the role of a plant hunter in the Victorian Era as they travel the world in search of fame, fortune, and the coveted Queen’s Prize in Botany. 

Each turn, players will move around the board to the locations designated on the Specimen cards in their hand. While they travel the globe, each player will need to manage their expedition funds, overcome events, and acquire items, crew, and pets to help them along their journey. Each time players return to their estate, they will add their live and pressed specimens to their garden and build garden features such as orangeries and conservatories. The player with the most points at the end of the game earns the Queen’s Prize in Botany and is the winner.

Beautiful Victorian Artwork

Through the use of historical illustrations and photography, our game immerses the player in the fascinating world of Victorian plant hunters. You’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of flowers from all corners of the globe, all while enjoying the incredible art that brings them to life. Whether you're a fan of botanical art or history, or if you just love a good adventure, our game offers a unique and engaging experience that is both educational and entertaining.

Simple to Learn with Strategic Gameplay

Our game has been designed with a simple and intuitive rule system, allowing players to quickly learn the game and jump right into the action without the need to read lengthy rule books. The randomized specimens to collect and various paths to victory mean that each expedition is a fresh and unique experience, providing players with exciting gameplay and lots of replayability. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the world of tabletop games, our game is accessible and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

Heirloom Quality Materials

Our game has been carefully crafted with an expert level of attention to detail, resulting in a truly tactile and immersive experience that rivals the books and maps of the Victorian era. The materials used in the game’s construction have been chosen for their durability and quality, ensuring that the game can be enjoyed for years to come. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the game, from the intricate illustrations on the game pieces to the beautiful design of the game board. Playing the game is not just a fun activity, but a true sensory experience that transports players back in time to the Victorian Era.

Unique Characters and Entertaining Events

Botany’s characters and events paint a story as you traverse the globe to become the ultimate flower hunter. The lives of Victorian plant hunters were filled with adventure and danger. While some of the game's events may seem too far-fetched to be true, they're actually loosely based on real-life occurrences. For instance, some plant hunters were forced to eat their leather boots to survive, and some even kept hawks as pets (bears as pets…maybe). Additionally, they faced the risk of accidentally poisoning themselves with newly discovered plants.

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