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Earth Moon Magick

Earth Moon Magick The Tarot of Sacred Kingdoms Tarot Cards

Earth Moon Magick The Tarot of Sacred Kingdoms Tarot Cards

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  • 🙏 Immerse in the Energy of Sacred Bali: Created in Bali, a sacred place filled with spirits of the land, each of the Earth Moon Magick oracle cards are energetically tied to this magical place and is here to help you discover your true self, explore the depths of your soul and universe and emerge stronger, more empathic and more spiritual!
  • ☘️ High-End Card Design: Our oracle cards decks with guidebook are crafted with attention to detail using premium 350gsm recycled art paper as well as blue foil printings to create exceptional details and luxurious aesthetics without sacrificing durability and a superb tactile feel!
  • 🎨 Exquisite Original Design: These tarot cards for beginners feature an original design created by a talented indie artist that stands out from the crowd with the most mystical and vibrant illustrations and designs, promising to elevate your spiritual tarot experience!
  • 🔮 78-Card Deck with Guidebook: The tarot cards set includes 78 premium tarot cards and 2 secret cards for a plus of mystery as well as a 161-page comprehensive guidebook with keywords and messages that unveils all the mysteries of tarot and ensures easy understanding for professionals and tarot beginners alike.
  • 🎁 Wonderful Gift for Tarot Enthusiasts: Packed in a luxurious packaging box with blue foil, our tarot cards with guidebook make the most wonderful keepsakes or gifts for tarot lovers, oracle enthusiasts, family and friends!
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Introducing the Tarot of Sacred Kingdoms Guidebook: a comprehensive companion that unravels the profound meanings of each card while paying homage to the captivating imagery of this extraordinary deck. Embark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, wisdom, and spiritual connection as you delve into the depths of symbolism and tap into the ancient wisdom within. This meticulously crafted guidebook goes beyond traditional interpretations, inviting you to explore the hidden layers of each card, forging profound connections between the written word and the deck's captivating artistry.

Unlock the true potential of the Tarot of Sacred Kingdoms with this transformative guidebook. Seamlessly merging descriptive narratives with enchanting illustrations, it invites you to explore your own sacred kingdoms and connect with the evocative realms depicted in this stunning tarot deck. Illuminate your path of self-discovery, gain profound insights, and unlock gateways to your inner truths. Let the Tarot of Sacred Kingdoms Guidebook be your gateway to a journey that forever changes the way you perceive tarot, and allows the wisdom of this exceptional deck to weave into the fabric of your daily life. 

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