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Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook

Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook

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Everyday Heroes™ is a modern-day roleplaying system based on d20 Modern, refreshed for the 5th edition. Updated by some of d20's original designers, Everyday Heroes will delight fans everywhere.

From the excitement of blockbuster action films to the combat options and tactical gear of first-person shooters, adventures in contemporary settings offer a wide range of opportunities and challenges for tabletop gamers. The Everyday Heroes Roleplaying Game provides everything you need to run a modern-day d20-style campaign with elements such as car chases, computer hacking, radiation hazards, or gunplay.

Along with flexible rules to create contemporary characters from hard-bitten soldiers to genius inventors and evil masterminds, the Everyday Heroes core rules open the doors to playing through nearly any present-day plotline—creating nearly endless possibilities.

This complete Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook for both Gamemasters and Players brings the ease of the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game into the modern era. This single rulebook is required to understand and play the contents of all of the officially licensed movie franchise games.

What Makes Everyday Heroes Special?

If you know 5th edition, you’ll be able to jump right away into this modern-day RPG. In this system, we introduce six archetypes based on the d20 structure from Strong Hero to Charming Hero. We’ve also added backgrounds and professions to add a further dimension to your character. Backgrounds give you special skills and ability bumps based on how you were raised. Your profession gives you additional skills, ability boosts, and starting gear. Here are a few examples:

New Classes

There are different kinds of heroes in the world, but you only need to pick one. Introducing eighteen unique and modern classes that you choose from level one! Check out nine of our favorites below. To see all of our classes, download our free Lookbook

New Professions

What's the modern world without professions? Being a Barbarian doesn't really pay the bills. We offer 20+ professional categories that offer you expertise in skills, ability score boosts, and starting gear. Here are some of the careers you can make:

New Backgrounds

Experiences shape heroes into who they are today. Your hero is no exception. We provide 20+ backgrounds that provide rich roleplay, new traits, expertise in skill, and ability boosts. 

Introducing Genius Points

Sometimes it's better to be smart than strong. Introducing "Genius Points" - a feature that allows smart heroes to affect gameplay by enacting their brilliant plans. Here are just a few examples:


We did our best to stay true to the vision of d20 Modern, but even the designers wish they had done things differently. Based on feedback from you and insights from them, we made a few updates.

An Overhauled Wealth System

One of the biggest complaints about d20 Modern was the Wealth System. We revised the system so you don't have to pass a DC check to buy groceries. In our system, you can buy any legal item that costs less than your wealth level. Thanks, Amazon Prime!

Our favorite sharpshooter, Saorise O'Connor, doesn't like to be followed.

A Better Chase System

Let's face it, most chase systems suck. But what's a good action sequence without a car or foot chase? We've created a narrative chase system that ties seamlessly into combat and faithfully recreated the movie scenes you love.

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