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Fateforge - Adventure - The Butterfly's Dirge (Levels 3-5)

Fateforge - Adventure - The Butterfly's Dirge (Levels 3-5)

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Once, Noctin was a dour-looking village, but one where life was good, at the roots of the Dusk Mountains. Nowadays, its macabre ruins only recall the tragedy of a past that refuses to die. 

Guided by nightmarish visions and tales of a dark history, adventurers answer a sinister call. Will they be able to unravel the mysteries surrounding this place caught outside of time? The party will wander among lost memories, guided by kaleidoscopes of strange, otherworldly butterflies. 

The Butterfly's Dirge is an adventure for a group of characters between levels 3 and 5, taking place in the Drakenbergen. It is compatible with the 5th edition of the most mythical of role-playing games. Written by Benjamin Diebling, this adventure is meant to be played as a stand-alone. The discoveries held within may be the launching points for an epic, broad campaign, or new journeys.


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