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Florence Kickstarter edition

Florence Kickstarter edition

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Kickstarter Exclusive Edition of Florence Board Game by Braincrack Games. Includes core game, KS Exclusive Screen Printed Score Trackers, KS Exclusive 1st Player metal coin, , and all unlocked stretch goals.

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As the sun sets on one of Italy’s most opulent cities, a carnevale is taking place – giving you, one of the foremost nobles in Florence, access to the city’s de facto rulers: the Medici.

While the carnevale progresses, you must dispatch family members to attend various parties around the city, buying impressive clothes, collecting gossip, bragging about your achievements and muscling their way to the front of the crowds so that they might get some valuable face time with the heads of the Medici family: Cosimo, Contessina, and their son, the handsome Giovanni.

By the end of the night, one family will have fallen in favour with the Medici. Everyone else will be left out in the cold. So get ready to party!


In game terms, Florence is an area control game, where the areas you seek to hold will change from round to round, as the Medici make their way from one party to the next. With open-ended action selection, you can command the various scions of your family to roam the city, waging a soft war against your rival families to ensure you are held in highest regard by the end of the night.

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Dispatch members of your family to parties around the city to gain an audience with the Medici as they travel to their destination. The Medici are powerful, and will grant you favours, provided you abide by their strict social rules…


Once your family members are out making appearances at parties, you might want to think about upgrading their clothes to wow the more discerning members of the Medici family. Upgrade your basic Debutant to a Donna, and if you’re feeling extravagant, your Donna to a Maestro!

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After your family members arrive at the party they can start spreading the news of how fantastic you are, and brag about your illustrious achievements! Having the best brag at a party will give you exclusive access to points and Scandal cards with special actions.

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