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Ghost Terrain Brush

Ghost Terrain Brush

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A collection of Quality Nylon brushes for every miniature size and need.  Made with an aluminum ferule and a Birchwood handle.

The Ghost white nylon hair not only looks great but will help you create better painting habits. Always remember to load the brush with paint only about half way to avoid getting paint in your ferrule. Getting paint inside the ferrule is the fastest way to ruin your brush.

Clean your brushes frequently with water and use brush soap after painting to make sure no paint residue is left inside the bristles. The white nylon hair will change color from use but it is good practice when cleaning your brushes to try and get it back to looking as white as possible.

All paint brushes are designed to pull paint and this one is no different; however, as miniature painters, we tend to use a stabbing motion with our brushes to push paint into small details. This push motion causes the tip of your synthetic brushes to curl over time. To reduce this, use a pulling motion with your brushes as much as possible and if you absolutely needto push paint into a small area, make sure you use very gentle pressure.

NEVER leave your Ghost Brush or any paintbrush sitting submerged in water! This will not only destroy your wonderful sharp tip, it will cause the wood handle to swell and ruin your whole brush. Seriously, stop dropping your brushes hair-down inside a water cup. Instead, swish the brush back and forth in the water to remove paint, then wipe on a towel to make sure no paint is left within the bristles.

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