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Hanamikoji Collectors Bundle

Hanamikoji Collectors Bundle

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  • Hanamikoji x1
  • Hanamikoji: Geisha's Road x1
  • Collector's Bookcase x1
  • Hanamikoji: Action Tiles Expansion (1~7) x1
  • Shadows in Kyoto x1
  • A set of 12 Metal Pawns for Shadows in Kyoto x1
  • Herbalism x1

Lanterns dance softly overhead as Iroha peers gracefully over her fluttering fan, her eyes briefly connecting with two shadowy figures in the small audience.  As everyone else is transfixed by the new maiko's elegant artistry, her two rival patrons plot away.  The tension thickens.  The next move will be discrete, yet decisive.

On Hanamikoji, Kyoto’s most renowned geisha street, there is no lack of talented maiko, but only the favored can stay long enough to become artists of the highest order.  How far will Iroha’s star climb?  Whose name will she favor as her benefactor?

Enter the subtle, intriguing world of Hanamikoji and experience its emerging drama as a patron manipulating the road geisha travel to ascend to fame and mastery.

Hanamikoji: Geisha's Road is the sequel to the quick yet profound 2-player card game Hanamikoji (BGG#214).  It is with great joy that we now invite you to learn, see, and experience this labor of love.  We are also publishing a new version of Hanamikoji and the newly released Hanamikoji: Action tiles expansion (1~7)

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