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I guess this is it

I guess this is it

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We had such a good run. We were great together. Now we stand in front of each other, just minutes before our last goodbye. There’s so much to say. And so much we know will be left unsaid.

I Guess This Is It is a two-player game about saying goodbye. Players take the role of two people once strongly connected standing before each other in the final minutes before their last goodbye. They will work together to try and say as much as they can before leaving, but being careful not to hurt each other's feelings.

The mechanics aim to emulate the emotions of the moment, in which there's so much you want to say before they go, but you also don't want to make the other person feel guilty or neglected. You know time won't be enough and there will be things left unsaid. How do you make the most of this last instant together?

Just 18 cards and 2 rules sheets packaged in a portable wallet.

A quick note on our Role-playing line

I Guess This Is It was the winner of our 18-Card Role-playing Game Challenge and the first in our wallet RPG line. Each of these 18-card games are designed to be accessible to all kinds of players, whether they’re first-time role-players or seasoned RPG enthusiasts, with minimal prep and limited outside components. Each RPG comes with a tiny guidebook that includes focused prompts and quick-start “playsets” to help players jump right into the game, as well as advice on how to play and what to do when you’re stuck for inspiration.

When you play, you’ll take on the role of a character. You and your partner will collaboratively tell a story about who your characters are and why they must go their separate ways, using the cards as prompts for your conversation.

To start the game, the players will shuffle the deck and set up a 3x4 grid of cards as well as a Goodbye pile. This will help define the shape of the story. Next, the players will work together to set the scene by defining the characters’ relationship, location, and reason for separation.

And if you need a little boost, our guidebook offers some playsets.

With this framework in place, players can begin playing. On each turn, the active player will draw a single card from the grid following a predetermined path leading from the far corner to the Goodbye pile. 

Then they’ll play a card from their hand and narrate what their character says and does next in the conversation. 

When playing a card, players will take inspiration from the one-word prompt on the card and the illustration. Additionally, each card has four symbols around the edges; symbols must be aligned with a matching symbol on the previously-played card, and depending on which symbol the active player gets an added effect such as taking an extra turn. If the edges (long/short edge of the card) don’t match, the Goodbye pile is advanced, shortening the game and the story.

When the played cards reach the Goodbye pile, the game ends. The players will take a few minutes to silently ruminate on how the relationship ended, the words left unsaid and the things that the characters will miss about each other. Was this a peaceful goodbye, or one which leaves lingering resentments and doubts? What could you have done instead? Would it have made a difference?

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