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Infinity CodeOne Combined Army Collection Pack

Infinity CodeOne Combined Army Collection Pack

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28mm Scale

A new threat - perhaps more terrible than any before - has planted a bridgehead in the Human Sphere. A Combined Army of several alien races, under the orders of the Evolved Intelligence, an ancient supreme intellect with hegemonic intentions towards all life forms that cross its path. The Shasvastii are the Combined Army's hounds, explorers, and trackers. The specialty of the treacherous race is to cause panic, distrust, and paranoia, winning wars thanks to fear and stealth.

This box includes the 25 miniatures that make up the entire CodeOne range of the Combined Army, as well as the CodeOne rules booklet in English. This box is the perfect way to get the entire collection of the great alien menace.

Metal components.


25 Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Malignos
  ‣ 3 Nox
  ‣ 1 Mentor
  ‣ 1 Shrouded Hacker
  ‣ 1 Agent Dukash
  ‣ 1 Tensho
  ‣ 1 Gwailo
  ‣ 1 Prospector, Free-lance Space Miner
  ‣ Sargosh
  ‣ 1 Calibans
  ‣ 1 Noctifer
  ‣ 2 Slave Drones
  ‣ 1 Sheskiin
  ‣ 1 Jayth Cutthroat
  ‣ 1 Umbra Samaritan Nourkia
  ‣ 1 Special Op Ko Dali
  ‣ 1 Med-Tech Óbsidon Medchanoid
  ‣ 1 E-Drone
  ‣ 1 Sphinx
  ‣ 1 T-Drone
4 Round Plastic Bases (40mm)
21 Round Plastic Bases (25mm)
1 Rulebook (Softcover)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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