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Last Resort 🚀 Space Hotel Simulator for 1-4 Tycoons Deluxe All Inclusive

Last Resort 🚀 Space Hotel Simulator for 1-4 Tycoons Deluxe All Inclusive

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The Story So Far

2142. Facing budget cuts, the National Office of Space Exploration Yields (NOSEY) has advertised the sale of their more “troublesome” space stations throughout the galaxy. Seeking fortune in the growing Astrotourism industry, you acquire one of these stations, and — ignoring the rumours of dangerous malfunctions — start to transform it into your very own Space Resort.

Your plan is simple: build attractions, advertise it galaxy-wide, and rake in cash until you have enough to put in a pile big enough to swan dive into (or you know, whatever really rich people do nowadays!)

Unfortunately, you’re not the only person doing this – there’s such a thing as ‘competition’ in space capitalism, and broadcasting the same adverts as your opponents will confuse customers and hurt your margins – resulting in malfunctions on your station!

The Game

In Last Resort, players are running their very own space resorts, and competing with their fellow hoteliers to make the most cash before people realise quite how dangerous and totally-not-worth-it space holidays are!

Each round, players will choose an advertisement to broadcast, then rush to check out guests and build new attractions before the next wave of tourists arrive. These waves get larger and larger over the course of the game, so make sure you have space! 

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