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Level Up: Dungeon Delver's Guide (A5E)

Level Up: Dungeon Delver's Guide (A5E)

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Prepare for Adventure! 

The Dungeon Delver's Guide is a resource for Narrators that want to create compelling and deadly mazes and lairs, and adventurers who want to venture below and return to the surface alive.
  • New archetypes, heritages, and cultures, from rattling filth druids to doppelganger spell spinner warlocks
  • New gear, spells, mounts, and magic items to prepare your adventurers against subterranean threats
  • Dozens of clever traps, tricks, and puzzles that challenge players instead of punishing them
  • How-to guides for building satisfying underground adventures
  • A quick dungeon-building system that lets narrators -- and characters! -- build unique, thematic dungeons and lairs
  • Premade dungeons for characters of any level, ready to drop into an existing campaign
  • A guide to the haunted cities and midnight seas of Underland, the weird realm beneath the earth
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