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Maladum Duengeons of Enveron KS Edition

Maladum Duengeons of Enveron KS Edition

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The world is not as it was. The ancient magics stir within the earth, and their return heralds a new age of opportunity for those bold enough to seize upon such glorious times.

Within the tombs and crypts of antiquity lie the makings of legends; untold prosperity, unspeakable peril and the ever-present prospect of glory.

The tales of your adventures will echo through the ages, and should your band of reprobates happen to save the world in the course of things, then all the better…

Maladum is a fantasy miniatures board game in which your band of Adventurers head into ancient dungeons and abandoned settlements to seek their fortune.

The game takes place on the highly-detailed 3D board included in the box. Your Adventurers must explore the area, defeat their enemies, complete their quests, and escape with as much loot as they can carry! The comprehensive campaign system tracks your party from game to game, developing their skills, upgrading their equipment and immersing you in their story.

Maladum is based on our bestselling sci-fi game Core Space, but has been reworked from the ground up to provide a compelling and immersive fantasy experience. It retains the simple core mechanics, interactive NPCs, and unique ‘real search’ system while seamlessly integrating everything you'd expect from a fantasy dungeon crawler, from exotic wandering beasts to all manner of magical powers and weaponry. The sandbox nature of the game offers a fully customisable experience, from a solo RPG-style adventure to a full-on multiplayer PvP skirmish.

A brand-new feature for Maladum is an intricate branching campaign, playable solo or co-operatively.  As you play through each part of the story, every decision you make and every objective you complete (or not!) will have a knock-on effect to your route across Enveron and the ultimate fate of your party. The campaign has been designed with multiple paths, continuing the narrative regardless of the outcome of each game, and the accompanying campaign log keeps track of the unique achievements and rewards earned by your party as you progress.

Maladum is a fully self-contained game – everything you need to play the game, including a 2’/60cm neoprene mat covered in our award-winning terrain (no glue or paint required!), is included in the box.

Beyond the starter set, the game is fully compatible with our existing fantasy terrain range so you can adapt the story to any setting of your choice. 

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