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Marvel United Playmat V2

Marvel United Playmat V2

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Double Sided playmat for Marvel United.

Printed with an X-Men-themed design, the Playmat helps organize your play area. The Mission Guide is printed directly at the center of the Playmat, with indicated slots for the Villain Dashboard, Mission Cards, and everything else you need, including “Unlocked Location Effect” reminders under the Threat card slots. The Storyline is brought to life with slots that also indicate the initial order in which Master Plan and Hero cards must be played. As indicated on the Playmat, if your Storyline completes the circle before the end of the game, simply continue it on an outer circle. The Playmat is 90 centimeters in diameter, made of high-quality neoprene that helps keep the components in place and makes it easy to pick up cards. Stitching around the border ensures extra durability to the Playmat.

Functionally, the X-Men Playmat is the same as the original Playmat from the past campaign. However, this version adds a new twist: It is printed on both sides! On the reverse of the Playmat you have an alternate layout where all the Locations are facing the same direction. This version is ideal for those playing solo, or in an arrangement where all players are on one side of the table.

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