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Monster Hunter World: The Board Game All In KS Pledge

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game All In KS Pledge

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All in Pledge

Embark on epic campaigns with the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste Core Sets! More hunters, more crafting, and more massive monster battles.


    • Monster Hunter World: The Board Game - Ancient Forest
    • Monster Hunter World: The Board Game - Wildspire Waste
    • Kulu-Ya-Ku (Kickstarter Exclusive)
    • Hunter's Arsenal Expansion
    • Kushala Daora Expansion
    • Nergigante Expansion
    • Teostra Expansion (Kickstarter Exclusive)
    • All Login Bonuses (Daily Unlocks)
In this cooperative arena combat board game for 1-4 players set in an open world, it’s not you who dictates the flow of battle, but the monster you hunt — and every monster is wildly different.Pick your hunter based on their unique weapon and playstyle. Select which iconic monster you’ll be hunting across the wilds. Track the beast in a choose-your-own-adventure quest, avoiding pitfalls and gathering bonus resources. Then plunge into adrenaline-fueled combat where teamwork, positioning, and stamina are key, targeting the loot you need for the weapons you want — without getting crushed!

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