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Monumental African Empires Deluxe Expansion

Monumental African Empires Deluxe Expansion

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Monumental is a next generation civilization game by Matthew Dunstan with a mix of innovative mechanics taking the best of deckbuilding and 4X games.

Playing from 1 to 4 players (5 players with The Lost Kingdoms expansion), raise your empire, develop various knowledges and build majestic wonders while exploring and conquering the known world to emerge as the most dominant civilization of all time.


African Empires gives you all this:


While the vast majority of players expressed their enjoyment of the game in its current form (i.e. being able to take turns shelling out multiple combos each turn), a significant part of the community has expressed their desire for a more fractioned way to play that would allow players to act faster and continuously instead of waiting on everyone to finish their full turn to play their own.

Matthew Dunstan and the Funforge team came up with an answer to this concerning issue: introducing, the NEW CONTINUOUS PLAY MODE!

Using new action-tracking game components and a new Development Display with added dynamism (adding cards to the Display grants players more options when purchasing Buildings, Wonders and Knowledge, but more cards are removed at the end of a full turn), this mode is sure to keep players involved at all times! This new game mode dramatically decreases downtime for your games of Monumental.

In Continuous mode, players activate their Cities simultaneously at the start of each turn, and then proceed to take their actions one by one, activating their combo brick by brick, allowing you to adapt to your opponents’ decisions and strategies – but be cautious : your combos are now somewhat fragmented, which means foresighted opponents will have the opportunity to thwart your plans. This time, your mental flexibility and your adaptability will be the keys to victory!


While your main goal is to dominate the rest of the world and to overcome the other civilizations, you now have a new way to dominate foes : by achieving QUESTS.
                  QUESTS are new HIDDEN objectives that are not mandatory to fulfill – but their nature as hard-to-attain ambitions means that they’ll yield a decisive advantage in case of success when comes the time of the Victory Point count.

                  Some quests will require patience and consistency while you complete them bit by bit, while some others will demand titanic efforts and impressive combos for you to achieve them in a single shot.

                  QUESTS are a new weapon to your arsenal that just might spell victory for you… if you dare undertake them.


Your Civilization is now all set to use trade and economic influence to spread your influence in a new way and seize victory !

Gold can now be used (sparingly) to advance your economical influence, represented by the new Trading track. Each new space you reach on the Trading track may provide you with powerful benefits such as new buildings, temporary abilities or the powerful new Trade Benefit tokens. Your position on the Trading track will also eventually grant you more Victory Points at the end of the game!

Trade Benefit tokens can yield powerful benefits to your civilization. While they are drawn randomly, they can be stored face-down for you to use them when the right time comes. Trade Benefit tokens are a new secret resource that can change the course of the game to your advantage. Do not neglect them!

In addition, your Explorers, when working together, now have the ability to place a brand-new structure on the map: Trading Posts. These new buildings grant you the ability to trade resources with Free Cities and opposing Civilizations (using the new Exchange tokens), thus furthering your plans of dominion! Send your explorers to the furthest reaches of the map, and your Trading posts will yield even more trading points on the Trading track!

  • New FUTURE era (new end game mode)

Bet on the future of humanity to earn even more Victory points.


In AFRICAN EMPIRES, players can now RESERVE Development cards from outside the game into their City for themselves! The new “Reserve” keyword allows you to draw a card from an otherwise locked side-deck of Development cards from the current Era, and keep it until you choose to pay for it and add it to your City. Some civilizations will be able to make even better use of this extra planning using effects that take advantage of your Reserved cards.


Face the dangers of rebellion in your Empire! New Unrest cards now infiltrate your deck and restrain your actions by blocking spaces in your City until you remove them. New powerful civilizations, buildings and knowledge cards will grant you incredible benefits, but at the cost of increased Unrest in your City.

  • 3 NEW civilizations :
  • The ZULU KINGDOM, a powerful civilization with cunning military tactics but always on the verge of civil unrest.
  • The KINGDOM OF AKSUM, a cautious civilization able to make use of developments from far-off lands.
  • the MALI EMPIRE, a civilization built on more gold than one could ever imagine whose trading influence is without equal.

Each civilization comes with its own deck of cards including Cultural policies, Knowledge and Buildings.

  • New terrain tiles, new buildings, new wonders, etc. 
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