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Monumental Deluxe Core game Kickstarter Exclusive

Monumental Deluxe Core game Kickstarter Exclusive

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Monumental is a next generation civilization game by Matthew Dunstan with a mix of innovative mechanics taking the best of deckbuilding and 4X games.

Playing from 1 to 4 players (5 players with The Lost Kingdoms expansion), raise your empire, develop various knowledges and build majestic wonders while exploring and conquering the known world to emerge as the most dominant civilization of all time.

The Core Box includes ALL the stretch goals detailed in its 1st Kickstarter campaign.

Key features: 

  •  Civilization deck-building game
  •  Easy to learn but hard to master with a progressive learning curve
  • Execute hundreds of combos 
  •  Modular board with hex-shaped tiles for infinite replayability 
  • Play solo or up to 4 players (5 with the Lost Kingdoms expansion) 
  • 90-120 minutes   


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