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Wicked Clothes

'Mothman' Shirt

'Mothman' Shirt

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๐–ค Unisex fit

๐–ค Made of 100% cotton

๐–ค Pre-shrunk

๐–ค Premium screen-printed graphic tee

๐–ค Designed by Wizard of Barge

Have you seen...the MOTHMAN?

Okay, I'm just going to say it: Bigfoot is overrated. What's the big deal? He just has some big feet and is kind of a recluse. If we're going to talk about cryptids, we should be giving a little more attention to Mothman over here. He's kind of a big moth. But man-shaped. And he might be an interdimensional being that came here to warn us of impending tragedy. That's a way more interesting paranormal figure than Bigfoot.

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