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Awaken Realms

Nemesis: Lockdown Core with Exclusives

Nemesis: Lockdown Core with Exclusives

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Product description

Nemesis: Lockdown offers 1-5 player semi or full co-op experience that takes around  90-120 minutes and will be different every run!

This is the base set that contains the Lockdown standalone expansion, including all unlocked stretch goals.

Nemesis Lockdown Core Box

4 new crew members
- Survivor
- Janitor
- Lab rat
- Guard

Night Stalkers - new alien race:
- 1x Queen
- 2x Breeders
- 8x Adults
- 3x Creepers
- 6x Larvae

- New board (two sided)
- 21 new room tiles
- 250+ new cards
- 250+ new components

Nemesis Lockdown Strech Goals:

2 New characters:
- Xenobiologist
- IT specialist

New alien race: Chytrdis

Other components:
- 3x unique event cards
- 9 new serious wounds cards
- 12 new plastic door tokens
- Mars rover
- Untold stories #3 scrip comic book
- 13x Injury tokens
- Nemesis Distress: Digital game
- Game soundtrack
- 1st player token
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