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Nemesis: Lockdown Gameplay All-In

Nemesis: Lockdown Gameplay All-In

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This is the full gameplay set for Nemesis: Lockdown, it contains the full new standalone expansions, and all expansions from the classic Nemesis that will work with it.

Two sets of characters, from Lockdown and Aftermath, with the addition of a life saving Medic character set.
And the alien races! The gruesome Carnomorphs, the terrifying Voidseeders, and new and exciting Night Stalkers!

Recommended for owners of the classic Nemesis core game, who want to experience new horrors, new settings, and new characters!  

Nemesis Lockdown Core Box
4 new crew members
- Survivor
- Janitor
- Lab rat
- Guard
Night Stalkers - new alien race:
- 1x Queen
- 2x Breeders
- 8x Adults
- 3x Creepers
- 6x Larvae
- New board (two sided)
- 21 new room tiles
- 250+ new cards
- 250+ new components

Nemesis Lockdown Strech Goals:
2 New characters:
- Xenobiologist
- IT specialist
New alien race: Chytrdis
Other components:
- 3x unique event cards
- 9 new serious wounds cards
- 12 new plastic door tokens
- Mars rover
- Untold stories #3 script comic book
- 13x Injury tokens
New Characters (miniatures)
- Android
- Bounty Hunter
- Psychologist
- Convict
Other components:
- Shuttle game board
- 4 new room tiles
- Catonaut miniature
- 3x turret model
- 130+ cards
- 30+ other components

The new Alien race:
- 1x Despoiler
- 1x Stalker
- 6x Lurkers
- 3x Lairs
- 4x Whisperers
70+ Cards
25+ other components

The new Alien race:
- 3x Flashbeasts
- 8x Butcher
- 8x Metagorgers
- 8x Shamblers
65+ Cards
15+ other components
Additional character
- 1x character model
- 1x character board
- 10x action cards
- 2 starting items