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One-Shot Wonders: Over 100 session ideas for 5E

One-Shot Wonders: Over 100 session ideas for 5E

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All the story ideas included can be used to run one-shot adventures, as well as fun side quests that can be incorporated into your current campaigns. The stories within this beautiful, A4-sized, hardcover book are suitable for adventurers ranging from Levels 1 to 8 (and a "Legendary" chapter for Levels 9+).

While the book includes references to 5E rules and stats, the stories within provide inspiration for game masters of all fantasy RPG systems!

This book provides you with the core elements of a story, rather than complete adventure modules to follow word-for-word. You and your players then get to roll the dice and create your own unique tale!

Each one-shot idea is presented in no more than two pages, with clear, easy-to-navigate text detailing the story summary, key plot points, important NPCs, locations, rewards, levelling guides and more. No need to read through chapters of dense text!

Everything is designed to help you quickly find the information you need and includes a ton of useful features, such as an event tracker to help you plan your time in the session and 5E stat blocks for speedy reference.

The book also includes dozens of quick prompts with creative plot hooks, brief NPC and location descriptions, and questions to inspire your own ideas.

One-Shot Wonders is a lifesaver for GMs planning their next adventure, whether you're playing with RPG newcomers, hosting a casual meet-up, or want to mix things up with your regular adventuring party. 

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