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Outgunned the RPG Action Hero All In Bundle

Outgunned the RPG Action Hero All In Bundle

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  • Outgunned [Hardcover] - Corebook
  • World of Killers [Hardcover] - Supplement + Campaign
  • Project Medusa [Softcover] - Introductory mini Campaign
  • Outgunned Movie Poster
  • Action Dice - Set of 9 Custom Dice
  • Action Deck - A card for each Role and Trope
  • Director Screen - Hardcover, 3 panels
  • Dice Pouch (KS Exclusive)
  • 3x metal Spotlight Coins
  • 5 World of Killers Role Cards
  • 24 Adrenaline Mini Cards
  • 1 metal Bullet Die
  • Enemy Deck
  • Killer Dice (9)
  • 20 Cash Mini Cards
  • 48 Condition Mini Cards
  • 4 Plan B Mini Cards
  • Grit Die (d12)
  • Speedometer Dial
  • Killer Grit Die (d12)
  • Gold Mini Cards
  • Action Flicks Movie Poster

Outgunned is a cinematic action rpg inspired by the classics of the action and heist genre, from Die Hard to True Lies, passing through James Bond, Atomic Blonde, Kingsman, Ocean’s Eleven, Hot Fuzz, and the latest John Wick. In Outgunned you play as a group of Heroes struggling against a Villain to try and save the day.

Always outnumbered. Always outgunned.

Some pages from the Outgunned QuickStart

The Outgunned corebook features the full set of game rules and everything you need to  start your adventure or heist. In the corebook you'll find Character options, Weapons, Enemies, and Campaign rules. If you also need some premade Shots to top it all off, Project Medusa got you covered!

World of Killers is a John Wick-inspired  supplement that features a new underworld setting, as well as additional rules and a new Role for your Hero: the Hired Gun. In W.o.K. you will also find a full ready-to-play Campaign and 4 premade Heroes.

Outgunned is powered by a set of highly cinematic game mechanics called Director's Cut. The system uses small pools of six-sided dice to determine the outcome of all tasks that involve a risk or a danger. When rolling dice in Outgunned, your goal isn’t to roll the highest or lowest possible total, but to combine as many equal symbols as you can in pairs, three-of-a-kind, and so on.

You can download a free 70-page QUICKSTART GUIDE today to try out the game before backing the project. 

Johnny's Hero Sheet

Making your Hero in Outgunned is as quick as it gets! Simply choose a Role and a Trope, and you are ready to go. But don't worry, there will be plenty of time to further customize your Character during the game, and no option or Feat will be out of reach, no matter your Role.

In Outgunned you’ll find 10 Roles you can choose from when building your Hero:

  • The Ace: Pilot, Driver, Transporter
  • The Agent: Police Officer, Firefighter, Undercover Cop
  • The Brain: Professor, Hacker, Mastermind
  • The Charmer: Icon, Artist, White Collar
  • The Commando: Soldier, Mercenary, Survivalist
  • The Criminal: Thief, Ex-Con, Fixer
  • The Fighter: Martial Artist, Boxer, Parkourist
  • The Nobody: Family Person, Clerk, Retiree
  • The Sleuth: Detective, Bounty Hunter, Journalist
  • The Spy: Secret Agent, Snitch, Double Agent
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