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Relics of Rajavihara and Montalo's Revenge Expansion Deluxe Versions

Relics of Rajavihara and Montalo's Revenge Expansion Deluxe Versions

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You’ve discovered an ancient palace filled with treasures, but you’re not the first to arrive. Your arch-nemesis has beaten you there. Bent on power and with thoughts of world domination, you must stop him before it’s too late (and maybe collect some of those treasures along the way)!

Relics of Rajavihara is both a solo campaign-style game and replayable solo game. Make your way through 50 levels of puzzling adventure spread out over 5 floors. Each floor introduces new challenges and each level is harder than the last.

Once you’ve reached your nemesis and put an end to his devious plot, you’ll unlock a new world that will allow you to play an infinite number of solo adventures. You’ll even have the opportunity to create your own levels.

Are you up for the challenge?


Relics of Rajavihara was inspired by video games like The Legend of Zelda, Adventures of Lolo, and especially Fire & Ice, along with the tabletop game River Crossing. Its mechanics and gameplay will remind you of Sokoban and other digital puzzle games, only in a unique, 3D, tactile tabletop experience, with more variety and challenges.


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Montalo's Revenge takes you even deeper, with 30 brain-teasing levels spread out over 3 new caverns, each of which introduces a brand new twist. Each challenging new level will take approximately 5-15 minutes to complete.


You will be able to do things that weren't possible before, like move blocks up to higher levels, travel farther by warping from one side of the board to the other, and of course, have the satisfaction of crushing many more of your enemies!


The Relics of Rajavihara base game is required to play the Montalo's Revenge expansion.

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Montalo's Revenge Expansion Features:

  • A campaign expansion with 30 new unique levels, posing even greater challenges
  • 3 new caverns that build on the base game and add challenging new elements
  • New mechanics and abilities that you will unlock in each cavern
  • 5 additional bonus levels
  • A small, compact box with everything you need for this new adventure


  • A campaign game with 50 unique levels, each one more challenging than the last
  • 5 different floors that introduce new twists...
  • Each floor is a campaign unto itself, with a playtime of 15-60 minutes each
  • Unlock thousands of different new replayable challenges once you complete the campaign (you can even create your own levels!)
  • Relics of Rajavihara's small footprint allows you to play in a limited space (the board is smaller than a piece of paper) and keep the game set up, ready for you to tackle the next level
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