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Robinson Crusoe Book of Adventures

Robinson Crusoe Book of Adventures

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Exclusive Robinson Crusoe: Book of Adventures Board Game Expansion by Portal Games. Includes spiral bound book with 50 scenarios and all unlocked Stretch Goals combined in a Stretch Goal Box (5 scenarios, Deck of Inventions, folded pocket, "How Did I Die" sticker sheet, and 20 new Challenges - a new ability allowing time bonuses). This is an expansion for Robinson Crusoe Board Game.  Core Robinson Crusoe board game required to play (sold separately).

Spiral bound book with 50 scenarios: The newest expansion Robinson Crusoe: The Book of Adventures not only adds 20 new scenarios, plus variants for existing ones, but also brings a new very helpful feature. Each scenario is uniquely organized and labeled by its theme, gameplay length, and difficulty level to help you choose the perfect scenario for every game night! This should transform Robinson Crusoe into a board game for everyone, regardless of their age or board game experience. You will now easily find the right scenario to play with your children, friends, or gamers in your playgroup. Only on Gamefound you are going to get an exclusive version with premium quality! 

How Did I Die Sticker Sheet: Keep your memories alive by using the “How did I die” sticker sheet. After the game ends with a not so favourable result, choose one of the funny doodles showing how you died, and stick it to the scenario you just played to mark how it ended.Funny memories and doodles! 

Robinson Crusoe: The Book of Adventures is an almanac that consists of new Robinson Crusoe scenarios ranked by their level of difficulty, complexity, and theme.

The Book of Adventures offers scenarios suited for every audience — from playing with children, to creating a fun family experience, to suffering really heavy scenarios as experienced players.

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