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Ryozen Essential Edition

Ryozen Essential Edition

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The mystic realm of Ryozen welcomes you!

Don't linger on the way, witness the awakening of the Phoenix from her long-lasting slumber, marking the bright beginning of a new cycle for the whole Ryozen.

When the three Moons align, prepare to hold your breath as the light embraces you and the shifting Palace reaches its peak.

Place your Kin and rotate the central layered board in this worker placement for 1 to 4 players: Your goal is to obtain the Phoenix favor by bringing honor to your Clan!

In Ryozen you will guide one of the four Clans where the Phoenix Kin are sorted.

Each Kin’s task consists in preserving the wellbeing and prosperity of the realm during the Phoenix slumber.

Don’t get fooled, though, Kin are highly competitive fellas indeed. Every Clan aims at the Phoenix blessing whenever she awakens and they will do everything in their power to achieve it, even by giving a hard time to the other Clans.

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