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Salt & Bones Kickstarter Board Game

Salt & Bones Kickstarter Board Game

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Salt & Bones is a 2-player competitive strategy board game where you go head-to-head in a duel with your opponent, drawing from the same shared decks and combating on an ever-changing battlefield.

Each game averages 20min with a simple round structure - destroy the board, draw cards, figure out your strategy, fight.

The design ethos issimple: no plan, no matter how perfect, survives contact with the enemy, so the one with the better Plan B wins...
Each game contains:
-- 1 double-sided Field Board
-- 2 Player Boards
-- 40 Attack Cards
-- 40 Strategy Cards
-- 10 Field Cards
-- 1 Momentum Token (wooden)
-- 2 Health Markers (red wooden cubes)
-- 16 Field Markers (black wooden cubes)
-- rulebook
Momentum is everything.

The unique take on game pacing: momentum is an ongoing advantaged state that both players strive to achieve.

Momentum gives you the advantage of going first - you draw first, you prepare first, and you attack first. But beware: a cunning player without momentum will count their attacks and read their opponent's preparation to use it against them.

You’ll flip for momentum at the beginning of the game, but that’s the only time it’s left to chance. How well you use it and how long you hold it will be at the heart of every fight.

Is there anything more definitive than walking off the arena alone?

As captains, you have 20 Health - it’s easy to lose and impossible to gain. The goal is simple: get your opponent to 0.

Second Wind allows a downed opponent the time to take you with them. Winning can only happen at the very end of combat, which means you need to end it with more than 1 health to really end it.

Every attack creates an opportunity, but who is that opportunity for?

The battlefield is finite and becomes smaller every round, influencing the direction of the fight. With no fixed slots for attack cards, placement of these attacks is a key part of victory.

Each attack card leaves an opportunity that increases adjacent damage for either player. Orient your cards to best maximize these opportunities, but be aware your opponent is looking to do the same.

While it’s tempting to go for the highest number, sometimes it’s wiser to block opportunities instead.

Good strategy is the difference between taking a hit and taking a hit on purpose.

Attack and strategy cards are shared between players, but come from separate decks with different backs. Pay attention to your opponent's hand - the decks they draw from reveals their intent.

You’ll be committing your strategy cards before the battle even begins. Visualize how the fight will pan out to make your plans and your backup plans...and your backup backup plans.

Trust your Instincts: these are hidden weapons that completely change the flow of battle. Your Equipment and Gambit are open indicators of your plans, so make sure to mis-indicate.

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