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Sea of Legends Base Game

Sea of Legends Base Game

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Explore a wildly reimagined Caribbean, bursting with magic and mayhem!

Sea of Legends is a narrative-driven, open-world tabletop game for 1 - 5 players. Swashbuckle and swindle your way to victory as one of four unique captains. Raid ports, bury treasure, fall in love, and defeat your nemesis as you compete to become the most legendary pirate on the open sea.

Your decisions will make waves throughout the Caribbean as each player takes part in shared adventures woven together by our companion app. Choose wisely. In Sea of Legends, the fickle winds of fate can fill your sails or turn against you at any moment. With twenty-six writers, crafting over 500 unique stories, you'll never play the same game twice.

Navigate the shifting tides as you pursue multiple paths to victory and forge your own tale. Will you answer the call to adventure? The sea awaits!

In Sea of Legends, you'll manage multiple adventures between your Lover, Nemesis, and Captain, while building up the ultimate crew and acquiring treasure. The first player to gain 10 Notoriety wins! But if left unchecked, the NPC Factions can also claim victory. That means that as the players compete, they might also have to band together so they don't all lose.
Each turn, players may move and take one of three possible actions: attack, visit a port, or go on an adventure. When attacking, you'll gather your dice and utilize your crew,  ship, items, and Lover abilities to gain the advantage. But your Nemesis will interfere, so keep your wits about you as you face down mythical monsters and evil empires.
You can always stop at a port when you need a break from all the fighting. Find a Hideout to bury gold, while your crew rest and relax. Or maybe you need a bigger ship? Then stop at the Shipyard and get yourself a fancy new vessel. Perhaps a few of your crew aren't pulling their weight? Toss 'em overboard and find some replacements at the Hiring Hall! Or stop at every scoundrel's second home, the Tavern.
Being a pirate can really parch your throat! Why not stop and have drink? Play some games and earn yourself a few spare coins while visiting the Tavern. Who knows? You might even overhear a juicy rumor. Each rumor will lead you to a relic hidden on the map.
Each adventure is part of a larger branching narrative that takes place in the Sea of Legends app. This is a choose-your-own-adventure like you've never seen before. You might help your Lover out of jam, hunt down your Nemesis, or even befriend the strange denizens of the Caribbean! Your adventures will help you find gold, items, notoriety, and other unique rewards. But whatever you choose, the Sea of Legends app will take note and connect your stories with those of the other players at the table.
This is a sandbox game and there are multiple paths to victory. You can hunt down relics, battle monsters, or build your very own pirate empire! It's up to you, but you can bet your dusty doubloons that your rivals won't give up without a fight. If you're raring for a shot at the pirate's life, take a look at the beta rule book and prepare for your maiden voyage! 

Faction Overview
Each time you play you can select one to two factions for the game session in addition to the ever-present Spanish Armada. These factions determine adventure arcs, items, crew, and Lover/Nemeses you will discover. Each faction has their own unique mechanics and objectives that they will pursue during the game. They are presented below. Disclaimer, as is the nature of Kickstarter, the mechanics presented below may change before release.
The Dread Tide’s undead soldiers will try to form up into clusters of the three and transform into Skeletal Colossus. The colossus will infest ports, destroying them, and when the Dread Tide infest 5 ports they win--taking over the Caribbean with their undead hordes.
The Children of Tlaloc, our merfolk faction, move toward the corners of the map to collect relics. Once they have found them, they bring the relics back to Tortuga to summon the Sea’s Firstborn. Together, they’ll hunt for relics, chasing down captains who have them and once they gain four relics, they win!
The British Empire invades the Caribbean for queen and country, they take over shipyards to gain power and then move to unclaimed ports. They can spend their newfound power to take over that port and when they take over 4 ports they win.
Unlike other factions, the Atlanteans have a uniquely combative dynamic between their characters. The Atlantean King In Exile doesn’t start out hostile to the players. He’s been deposed and has come to the surface looking for aid. If the Atlantean Seekers catch and kill the king they win, leveraging his relics and throne to take over the Caribbean. It's up to the players to defend the King In Exile from the dissidents and in exchange they get access to Atlantis’ powerful artifacts.

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