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Shadows of Brimstone: Temple of Shadows Deluxe Expansion

Shadows of Brimstone: Temple of Shadows Deluxe Expansion

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Sweeping across the fields and mountains of Japan, the Fallen Shogun leads the Takobake Samurai Clan on a war of conquest in his mad thirst for domination! By harnessing the power of the Dark Stone, they have laid waste to any other Clans that dare challenge them on the field of battle. But, they have also become terribly mutated, growing masses of tentacles from their faces and arms. Now the armies of the Takobake scour the temples and castles that have fallen into shadow, searching for sacred relics and ancient artifacts to unlock the forbidden knowledge they need to become unstoppable!

This Deluxe Expansion allows players to add the Fallen Shogun and his deadly Takobake army to their adventures! It also includes new temple-themed Map Tiles for the Forbidden Fortress world, as well as new Belly of the Beast Map Tiles to expand the living world. In addition, there are 4 new Hero Classes that have joined the fight to help hold back the Darkness - the Soldier, Geisha, Enforcer, and the mythical Kitsune.

Along with a host of new cards, including an Adventure Card that lets players explore a Fallen Temple overrun with Takobake, and 4 new Enemy types, there are also 6 deadly new Missions. Only the most daring Heroes can hope to hold back the armies of the Fallen Shogun long enough to unlock the secrets deep within...the Temple of Shadows!


▪ 1 Adventure Book
▪ 4 Heroes
▪ 12 Chochinobake Enemies
▪ 6 Takobake Spearmen Enemies
▪ 3 Skin Crawler Enemies
▪ 1 Fallen Shogun Enemy
▪ 4 Hero Character Sheets
▪ 4 Enemy Record Sheets
▪ 4 Unique Room Map Tiles
▪ 4 Darkness Cards
▪ 4 Growing Dread Cards
▪ 18 Threat/Epic Threat Cards
▪ 9 Belly of the Beast OtherWorld Threat Cards
▪ 10 Belly of the Beast OtherWorld Artifact Cards
▪ 8 Belly of the Beast OtherWorld Encounter Cards
▪ 4 Belly of the Beast OtherWorld Passage Encounter Cards
▪ 8 Personal Item Cards
▪ 7 Starting Gear Cards
▪ 12 Starting Upgrade Cards
▪ 8 Elemental Magik Cards
▪ 4 Fortress Map Cards
▪ 4 Belly of the Beast Map Cards
▪ 11 Gear Cards
▪ 8 Fortress Encounter Cards
▪ 10 Fortress Artifact Cards
▪ 1 Fallen Temple Adventure Card
▪ 2 Side Bag Cards
▪ 1 Reference Card
▪ Large Assortment of Counters

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90-180 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of CORE SET is required to play.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly is required.

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