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SkyTear Horde Gameplay All-In with Promo Pack

SkyTear Horde Gameplay All-In with Promo Pack

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This bundle contains all gameplay products made for Skytear Horde:

Skytear Horde is a lane-based card battler in which one or two players fight against the horde of monsters controlled by the game. There is also a competitive mode where one player controls the horde while up to two players stand together as the alliance.

The most unique gameplay feature of Skytear Horde are the smaller enemy minions. While the bigger monsters will attack your allies and castle, minions will pillage your deck instead. Pillage is nothing but discarding cards from your deck, moving you closer to the losing condition of running out of cards.

The strategy to win at Skytear Horde moves along two axes. You will have to balance between defending and counter-attacking but also balance fighting the minions pillaging your deck and the monsters destroying your castle.

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