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Snap Ships

Snap Ship Tactics Deluxe Starter Box

Snap Ship Tactics Deluxe Starter Box

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Fire up the engines! The Starter Box includes everything you need to start playing 1v1 or solo against an AI ship. With 8 unique ship builds, and over 100 individual plastic pieces*, you'll have everything you need to construct your perfect ship!

Also includes:

- 8 Chassis Cards, 24 Ai Cards, and 6 Alternate Art Cards*

- 55 Part Cards and 10 Pilot Cards*

- 10 Custom Dice*

- 2 Heavy Duty Flight Stands

- 2 Hull and Evasion Trackers

- 2 Plastic Move tools

- Terrain, ID and Missile Tokens

- 30 Energy and Heat Cubes

- 3 Range Rulers

Snap Ships Tactics builds off of the award winning toy line with quick to build yet endlessly customizable ships and fast, tactical miniatures-style gameplay.

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