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Frog God Games

Splinters of Faith (5e)

Splinters of Faith (5e)

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Visit 11 temples in a massive adventure to halt a death-priest and his massing army

Splinters of Faith is a series of 11 linked adventures centered on stopping the return of the dread death-priest Akruel Rathamon and his undead minions. The campaign takes characters across hundreds of miles as they race to different temples to restore the broken scepter of faiths, a powerful weapon that once stopped the warlord. It all starts when some chickens go missing. But this fowl beginning might mean a foul ending for your characters. Designed for Fifth Edition campaigns.

Care to dance? You might find yourself waltzing forever in the Chateau Du Vaine.

Revisit a Frog God Games' classic

Published more than 10 years ago by Frog God Games, Splinters of Faith has been updated and expanded with bonus adventures, color art, revised maps, and deadlier monsters. Entire adventures have been rewritten or expanded for a new audience. Originally published as 10 separate adventures, the new Splinters of Faith is contained all in one book, with everything you'll need to run an epic campaign.

The dwarven terror Chuglirk awaits in the sewers beneath Bargarsport.

Play a campaign, or use what you want

Splinters of Faith contains 20 unique temples — both good and evil — that you can use as you like in your own campaign. The book contains one sweeping adventure, but you could easily pick and choose from these scenarios to fit your home campaign. Modify and drop these separate adventures and temples into your home-built world at will, placing the shrines in the appropriate settings. For example, there’s Abhor Brazier high in the Hollow Spire Mountains. The Monastery of World Sundering caught in the icy grasp of the Wailing Glacier. The gnoll-infested temple of Seraph in the burning Kanderi Desert. Or the Hanging Gardens of Iseleine, a temple and its magnificent garden built atop a towering column of stone. 

What dangers could possibly lurk in the beautiful Hanging Gardens of Iseleine?

You’ll also discover

  • A campaign consisting of 11 adventures that increase in difficulty as your characters advance. The first adventure is designed for new, low-level adventurers, but it doesn’t pull any punches. The final adventure requires high-level characters to infiltrate a rebuilt city of the undead.  
  • An all-new, never-before-seen, mid-level adventure — in a haunted manor house — with unique ghosts with new abilities (and an appendix of other dangerous and cinematic abilities you can use to spice up your own deadly spirits). Plus, an appendix contains 100 extra scares to roll randomly if you really want to send shivers down your players’ spines!
  • Descriptions of the gods worshipped at the various temples, from the saintly Muir to the insane Shur d’Zhar, from the dwarven brewer Dargath to the Lord of the Air Pazuzu.
  • Unique monsters and magic items (but you probably already guessed those would be included, I’ll bet). But where else will you find Alijahs, the haughty inferno crown of the Pashas? Or the very useful hag stones? And don’t trust the crimson creeper clone — if you can tell it apart from your friends.  
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