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Grand Gamers Guild

The Artemis Odyssey Kickstarter Edition

The Artemis Odyssey Kickstarter Edition

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Kickstarter Exclusive "Odyssey" Pledge of The Artemis Odyssey Board Game by Grand Gamers Guild. Includes core game, Time Distender start player 3D miniature, 20 Starship 3D miniatures, 20 Colony 3D miniatures, 20 Factory 3D miniatures, 20 Terraformer 3D miniatures, Game Trayz inserts. 

It is years into the future of The Artemis Project, and Europa has been tamed. Wanderlust has surfaced again, and now it's time to go farther, on an odyssey to the stars.

In The Artemis Odyssey, players will guide their faction through the galaxy, discovering planets and using their resources. Your starships will land on uninhabited worlds, establish colonies, develop people, and build starships.

Each player controls a faction through their action cards. Players will play their cards to a shared planning board, which are then revealed and executed in sequence during the action phase.

Once a player crosses the 77-point threshold or when all planets have been explored, the game ends and the player with the most points wins.
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