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The Gig 🎺 The Dice-Rolling Jazz Game w Exclusives

The Gig 🎺 The Dice-Rolling Jazz Game w Exclusives

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The Gig is a real-time dice-drafting roll-and-write hybrid where you play as members of an up-and-coming jazz group! As you chart a path to stardom, will you work together to wow the audience, or compete for the limelight with extravagant solos and flourishes? 

Choose your instrument

From the Sax to the Drums, The Gig comes with 8 different instruments to master – each with their own unique solos and ways of scoring!

Real-time dice rolling

Once each song begins, the game is played in real-time! You can re-roll your custom 'note' dice as much as you want – until one player uses all their dice and shouts "take it to the bridge!"

Perform legendary solos

The shape your dice form on the song will create the 'groove' that you can draw onto your solo, unlocking powers, gaining points, and creating powerful combos!

Easy to learn, quick to play 

With a pick-up-and-play, a great deal of emergent depth, and rules that can be adapted for different groups, The Gig is a great choice for gamers who want challenging strategy with a theme and ruleset that can get anyone involved.

With games taking as little as 10-15 minutes, it's a "just one more game" type of experience that'll leave everyone wanting another go!

Play it again, Sam

The Gig has an incredible amount of replayability, with 8 instruments, 15 songs, 30 set lists, and a solo mode. With over 2000+ potential combinations, no two games feel the same!

Go fast, go slow

With The Gig’s real-time rules, we wanted to capture the feeling of playing in a live band, without making it feel like a frantic race to the finish! There are limited numbers of powerful ability spaces on each song – a strong reward for quick-thinking players – but the solo boards and rewards for ‘harmonising’ with existing dice mean that slower, considered players can win with clever plays!

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