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The Oracle Character Generator for Fantasy RPGs

The Oracle Character Generator for Fantasy RPGs

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Comprehensive character generation with over 1 billion combinations for any fantasy roleplaying game, writers, and storytellers.

300 Tarot Sized Cards 5 unique decks.

The Oracle Character Generator is a tool for game masters, storytellers, and writers looking for inspiration when creating well thought-out characters. Its simple and dynamic design allows for maximum versatility and detail in a minimal number of cards. 

Cards are separated into 5 categories of character based on their status including; Heroes & Champions, Merchants & Artisans, Nobles & Clergy, Townsfolk & Travelers,  and Villains & Scoundrels. Each of these decks contains cards to identify a character's Role, Personality, Motivation, Flaw, and Intrigue. Combining these five concepts together you'll end up with a unique and well rounded character every time you use this product. You can also mix and match cards from different decks as you see fit for ever more variety.

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