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TO GLORY!! Deluxe Edition

TO GLORY!! Deluxe Edition

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Get a copy of To Glory!, a set of upgrade deluxe components from the Swank Game collection, and all Stretch Goals from the campaign.



To Glory! is a dexterity, pick up and deliver game for 2 to 4 players. Players assume the role of captain on a pirate ship, searching for hidden treasure. Each captain has a unique special ability to help them navigate the treacherous waters and avoid incoming cannon balls from rival ships, the gun tower, and even... the KRAKEN! 

Will your captain swim with the fishes or will your treasures lead to VICTORY?!

Physically launch cannon volleys to your enemies!



Your pirate adventure starts now!

Follow map clues and explore the High Seas!

Attack your opponents!

Your treasures await!


gold coins

The pirate captain with the most victory points wins the game!

Gather victory points based on:

  • The result of your volleys (direct hit, landing on the target ship, or knocking their captain overboard!)
  • The number of treasures and gold coins you collect throughout your adventure!

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