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Voidfall Galactic Box

Voidfall Galactic Box

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The deluxe edition of Voidfall, a Euro-style space 4X board game with standalone competitive, cooperative and solo modes, upgraded components and all unlocked stretch goals.

This product includes:
  • All gameplay-related components for the competitive, cooperative and solo game modes
  • Large embossed box with spot UV on the title
  • 80 plastic fleet miniatures
  • triple-layered player boards (fits sleeved cards)
  • 8 extra Population dice
  • 36 dice-capturing corruption marker miniatures
  • 16 enamel painted metal tokens
  • 12 Voidstorm tokens upgraded to plastic miniatures
  • 18 Voidborn tokens upgraded to plastic fleet miniatures with 34 Fleet Power marker cubes
  • Modular tray system by Gametrayz (fits sleeved cards)
  • All additional content unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign 


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