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Zerywia Core Game, Seeker

Zerywia Core Game, Seeker

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Zerywia is a cooperative adventure board game set in the primeval world of Slavic myths. It includes a campaign mode composed of individual adventures for 1 to 4 players, linked together by an overarching storyline. Each adventure can also be played separately, as standalone episodes. This enables the players to experience each story in different ways and allows to lead their Heroes on a different path during each playthrough.

Each Hero has their own Saga, a tale waiting to be uncovered and told. Progressing through it grants powerful, new relicts, rituals or allies. As they roam the lands, the Heroes will be able to acquire new Sagas, which shall give them more power and unlock new, hitherto hidden parts of the story. This is why our Heroes are a work in progress, so to speak, and it falls upon the players to shape them and lead them to noble (or not quite so) deeds.

  • Game Components Total:
    • Sventovid miniature 78mm 
    • Ughmor miniature 60mm 
    • 4 Heroes of Zerywia miniatures
    • 4 double-sided board tiles 28x28cm
    • 4 player boards  (cardboard, two layers)
    • 4 “Saga Stones” 
    •  Engraved wooden cards for the “Hero Path” 
    • 12 uniquely engraved dice
    • 2 wooden Thymor dice
    • Wooden Pochara marker
    • 4 wooden “Dawnstones” markers
    • 65+ other wooden markers
    • 80+ cardboard tokens
    • Rulebook
    • Scenario book
    • Introduction to the Zerywia World
    • 140 Scenario cards
    • 160 Exploration cards
    • 68 Enemy cards
    • 140 Saga and Hero cards
    • 20 Item cards
    • 10 Word cards
    • 12 Summon cards
    • 20 Relics cards
    • 90 Delve Quest cards
    Over 660 cards in total

    Important Notes:
    • Miniatures are unpainted, do not require assembly


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